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Queer on Web Cam Platforms

Feb 2024

Many societal trends (such as the widespread heteronormativity that persists in 2019), myths, certain facts, and many preconceptions seem to suggest that many, if not most, clients of sex work are men. These men are often heterosexual in nature.

Apart from the realm of sex work, individuals' sexuality and sexual identity can be intricate, whether they are clients or sex workers. And when you take into account LGBTQ sex workers who operate on cams for a livelihood, who are probably engaging with a larger clientele consisting mostly of heterosexual people... Perhaps this too can be complicated.

Online shows of Queer models can be seen on various platforms like stripchat sex cams (

We conducted interviews with three cam models who identify as LGBTQ+ and asked them a few questions about this potential dynamic. These models, one of whom asked to remain anonymous, shared with us their experiences navigating their queerness in the sex industry. 

Are you open and honest with your clients?

We began by inquiring about the models' "coming out" to their clients and the reactions of those clients.

According to Confidential Model's observations, "They seem intrigued or turned on and do not seem to have an issue with my sexuality." Nevertheless, it is a very common fantasy among heterosexual men.

According to Lacey Louix, she is open about her sexuality.

Louix said, "My orientation is actually in my profile's bio and cam visibility settings." "Clients are often supportive as well as accepting. Many remark that they think it's a desirable quality.

According to Bae Westt, they have had trouble in the past expressing their masculinity to clients.

Westt clarified, "I am a nonbinary, bisexual model." "The only instances of severe discrimination I have experienced are when my masculinity comes through. Because of the nature of the majority of my presentations and the fact that I felt insecure on the site, I assume that the members were equally perplexed.

This is not to suggest that non-binary models shouldn't disclose their identities to clients, nor should it discourage others from doing so. In general, coming out is quite scary, and there are a lot of uninformed people in the world. However, there are also a great deal of decent people in the world. Your audience is waiting for you.

Do most of your cam users identify as heterosexual men?

We also inquired of the models whether heterosexual guys often make up their clientele.

Confidential Model stated, "I have a mostly heterosexual male audience with a small percentage of bisexual men and females." "I would be thrilled to reach more bisexual and female people."

Despite her clientele's tendency towards heteronormatism, Louix claimed to have "encountered [d] a fair number of women, trans [and] non-binary [folks] while working as well."

Does your sexual orientation affect how you interact with clients who identify as heterosexual?

How their sexuality affects heteronormative clients was something we were interested in learning.

Confidential Model stated that she considers herself fortunate not to have to pretend to be straight with her clients, and Louix claimed that her sexual orientation had "little-to-no impact in that space."

"I think that the type of client that would take issue in that space is also unlikely to be a good fit for the type of community I want to build around my work," Louix added, offering some very wise advice.

What tips would you provide LGBTQ+ models who are just starting on cam?

Finally, we asked these models if they had any words of wisdom for upcoming LGBTQ+ models.

The Confidential Model emphasised how crucial it is to establish a rapport with clients. I would advise staying loyal to who you are at all times. People seek a sense of connection, and in my opinion, you cannot have that if you are not being true to who you are.

Louix wished to convey to aspiring models that they are not alone. "Both clients and other [sex workers] are allies here in the community," she remarked. You are welcome to rely on that. It should never be your experience to put up with rude, aggressive, or hostile behaviour.