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Class Of 2020

Nicole Maines

"Being the only trans kid doing theater in a cafeteria in rural Maine, becoming a professional actor seemed, safe to say, impossible. Now, I’m the first transgender superhero on television. Your childhood experiences do not define you. There’s always an upswing."

Michael Nardelli

"Nothing lasts forever, not even braces. Enjoy today and be excited for tomorrow, because it all gets better!”

"People laughed when a boy wore a choker. Now I’m wearing one down the runway for New York Fashion Week."

Griffin Matthews

Daniel Newman

"You're perfect! The world needs you out and proud! So important! Your family is all around you! Represent! "

"All the struggles and hardships were just molding me into the strong empathetic successful woman I am today. Without those experiences to build my character I doubt I'd have accomplished a fraction of what I have."

Jillian Michaels

Corey Rae

"I went from hating my body and wanting to be popular, to becoming Prom Queen and loving the skin I'm in!"

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