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Class Of 2020

So much yes!

Travis Coles

“Being the class clown was my way of fitting in, now I’m surrounded by people who accept me without having to always be funny... but it’s a gift, I can’t help myself."

Frankie Grande

“I used to worry about fitting in, now I do everything to stand out.”

“Every single thing they used to make fun of me for are the exact things that made me a star! #itgetsbetter”

Danny Franzese

Amber Heard

"Queer /kwir/ adjective: 1. strange; odd. Synonyms: weird, bizarre, unusual. Embrace your weird. It took me a long time to realize that your “weird” is the best part of you."

“Don’t ever let a soul in the world discourage you from being who you are. Live proud and remember you were born this way.”

August Getty

Keiynan Lonsdale

"The jackets only started fitting once I grew into myself."

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